Sports Hall of the Estonian University of Life Sciences


Tartu, Estonia


Estonian University of Life Sciences


4500 m2

Open competition

2007, 1st prize




Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf Lõoke

Interior architects

Katrin Kaevats, Jaan Port

The Sports Hall of the Estonian University of Life Sciences is the first landmark greeting people arriving to Tartu from Tallinn highway. Therefore, the design of the building had to be graspable from the first glimpse upon driving by. At the same time, it aims to integrate the scattered university campus in its neighbourhood as well as stem from the beautiful hilly natural landscape.

The whole sports hall and squares are light-minded and encourage movement as its design embodies the ideas of a stretch and jump — typical parts of any workout. In other words, all corners of the cubic volume are slightly stretched, and elevated ground forms a so-called ‘cushion’ for the slightly entrenched building. This facilitates to integrate the building with landscape and lightens its overall appearance. Undulating forms continue to the riverside and encompass outdoor sports grounds and bicycle paths.

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