Estonian Road Museum


Varbuse, Põlva county, Estonia


Estonian Road Museum


13 000 m2


2004, 2nd prize



Competition team

Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf Lõoke

Design team

Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, Ralf Lõoke, Pelle-Sten Viiburg

Exposition design

Laika, Belka & Strelka OÜ


Annual Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia 2010

Concrete Building of the Year in Estonia: Special Prize 2010

Estonian Union of Landscape Architects: Deed of the Year 2010

Estonian Road Museum is a 13 000 square metre open-air exhibition grounds with a mixture of layers that combine leisure and education, experiential artificial and natural landscapes. The exhibition grounds is located on an open field, built across the road from the historical Varbuse postal station. Dating back to the 1830s, the old complex is now used as the museum’s main venue.

The concept of the exhibition grounds is based on a road that constantly changes times and situations like a life-size comic strip as one passes through the long 8-shaped path. All space necessary for the museum is scooped into the hilly South-Estonian landscape, leaving the rest of the environment as natural as possible. The structure is built of reinforced concrete with wood-paneled lavatory, ticket office and souvenir booth, authentic historical objects, e.g. roadside pub, gas station, bridge, segment of a railroad etc. and graphic concrete soften the architecture of the conveniently infrastructure-like edifice.

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kanepi muuseum
road museum
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Pelle-Sten Viiburg
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