Salto AB new design for Tallinn University campus

In 2016, Salto Architects were commissioned to design a new building in Tallinn University campus for sports and performative arts facilities. In 2012, Salto Architects designed new Nova building for Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University was completed. This week, the new design that would replace the current Ursa building was granted a building permit and, hence, the construction will start later this year.

The new Ursa building will become a integral part in the chain of Tallinn University campus buildings. On the one hand, the new Ursa building and Nova building will create a new lobby, that will allow variety of uses from gallery exhibitions to open lectures or public performances. On the other hand, the Ursa building’s volumes descend from Nova to Terra building. The highest and biggest volume accommodate huge sports hall with a gym, sauna and garderobe. The middle volume accommodates training spaces for dancers and choreographers as well as a black box that could be opened up as a stage for outdoor audiences placed in the courtyard. The lowest volume will create a low gallery belt zone that will connect Terra, Ursa and Nova buildings and border the courtyard area, that would now become a cosy green recreational site for the whole campus. 

3D model view from the Nova building entrance stairs.
3D view of the Ursa building from the main entrance in the campus courtyard.
3D model of the Ursa building from behind.
3D model proposal for Tallinn University campus car park.
3D model proposal for Tallinn University campus car park.