Salto AB designs Pirita Regatt residences

In 2016, Salto Architects won the competition for the promenade reconstruction and development of Pirita TOP in Tallinn. Pirita is a historical seaside resort site that has turned into a popular residential area with beloved beach and forest park. Pirita TOP Regatt was designed by Tallinn Architects (also known as Tallinn 10) in the 1970s and it was completed for the 1980 Olympic Games. Since the 1990s, the area  has been somewhat abandoned despite its attractive natural and architectural environment and accessible situation at the seaside. However, today, the whole area is considered a post-modernist classic of Estonian architectural heritage.

Pirita TOP is focused around Tallinn yacht port and sailing facilities, and is hence sided by a water park with a spa and training pool, offices, restaurants, hotel, catering facilities, shops, outdoor leisure and recreational areas. In addition to the reconstruction of existing facilities, the new development will be extended by one- and two-floor private residences, four-floor apartment buildings and a childcare centre, which are structured by landscape-designed courtyards. The new water park will have an additional year-round outdoor pool and attractive outdoor areas for pedestrians as well as cyclists, for local people and visitors of sailing competitions. Since Pirita TOP has both an excellent public transport connection and high-ways and light traffic promenades leading to Tallinn centre. Thus, in order to maintain a pedestrial friendly natural environment, the new planning directs the cars to underground parking lots.

3D view on the Pirita Regatta development from the seaside.
3D view on the Pirita Regatta development public recreational area.
3D view on the Pirita Regatta development public recreational area.
3D view on the Pirita Regatta development residences.
3D view on the landscape-desinged courtyards of Pirita Regatta.
3D views of the design for the Pirita Regatta preliminary designs.