Tallinn University Creative House


Narva mnt. 25/27/29, Tallinn


Tallinn University





Design Team

Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke, Pelle-Sten Viiburg, Martin Mclean


3986 m²

Interior Design


VITA, the extension to Tallinn University’s Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School’s NOVA building is to be constructed on the site of the depreciated URSA building. The concept of the new building is inspired by the spatial programme, largely consisting of various halls needed at the university. Among the building’s larger volumes are a gym and spaces for dancers, which run along the outer perimeter of the plot from larger to smaller towards the historic TERRA building at Narva maantee 25. The volumes of the halls are derived from measurements required for each specific function. A low one-storey gallery runs directly in front of the halls, connecting the halls and the TERRA and NOVA buildings, continuing the circulation of movement between the many buildings of Tallinn University. The gallery also functions as a leisure area opening towards the courtyard as much as possible, turning the heart of the surrounding city block from parking lot to a pleasant and green university campus recreational area.