Our exhibition in Viljandi Rüki Gallery

In the exhibition, Salto’s works have been presented through models. A model is a presentation medium that is easily relatable both for professionals and enthusiasts, adults and kids. Unfortunately we are living in an age where buildings are increasingly designed solely by digital means and “visited” through an image on a screen. This makes it easier to ignore the fact that architecture is itself an environment and a context: it isn’t only an image in front of us, but primarily something that surrounds us. Of course, this can be best experienced by wandering in and making use of an actual building. Yet, the model is a great aid in anticipating or approximating this experience: it helps our imagination to enter into a building as an environment. In case of Salto’s works, where context-sensitivity plays a special role, the models have an additional advantage: they help us notice the ways in which the building itself “enters” into its context and takes place in it. Thus, the models of Salto’s works present us with context-specific architecture exactly in its context-specificity.

The exhibition is cocurated by architecture philosopher Eik Herman.