Construction of Salto AB designed office building in Viljandi has started

In 2014, Salto AB designed a three-floor office building and an art gallery on Tartu street 7abc in Viljandi central town. The office building is surrounded by most vibrant business and eating area of Viljandi town. However, the new design follows the volumes of the surrounding old town as well as the gradual growth of the street line. The two buildings create a cosy green courtyard and corridor between Tartu and Posti street that surround the building.

The office building and a narrow art gallery building next to the offices both open to the street side and create a festive articulation to the whole street. Salto AB has chosen to use contemporary materials that would not outshine the existing architectural heritage, and thus, the roof and part of the exterior walls are made of black metal shingles. While on the other hand, the large window surfaces are structured by wooden gills emphasising the office building’s functions. The offices are spacious and light, the floor plans are simple and economic, and each business will have their own balcony or terrace.