Salto AB and ​BOGDAN&VAN BROECK present a model made of saturated fat in Brussels

From November 21, 2017 until January 10, 2018, Salto Architects together with ​BOGDAN & VAN BROECK ​present a model of the European Parlament building fragment made of saturated fat at the second edition of BEL: EST A Laboratory for the City of Europe exhibition in BOZAR, Brussels, curated by Aet Ader (b210) and produced by BOZAR and Estonian Centre of Architecture.

The collaborative sculpture, called Station Europe, is a 1:25 hyperrealist model of the former Brussels-Luxembourg railway station with a beautiful historical facade that is now the entrance to the European Parliament building in Brussels, where an augmented reality model of the European Parliament campus is kept. The parliament building in Brussels represents the bounty of laws, directives and restrictions implemented to each member state. The decisions of different bodies that govern the EU can sometimes end up detaching people from each other in unexpected ways because of the saturation of different regulations. However, saturated fat is a rarely used material in arts, and thus, it offered exiting challenges when figuring out its conceptual connotations and the best solution how to mold a model out of easily melting, greasy and smelly matter.  Altogether, the installation made of fat​ questions the balance between the security area and the comfort zone, and the possibilities of preserving them both in general as well as on European scale​.

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