Apartment buildings in Pirita


OÜ Kosemetsa


3 700 m2

Invited competition

2009, 1st prize





Competition team

Ralf Lõoke, Karli Luik, Urmas Lõoke (ULAB)

Design team

Maarja Kask, Ralf Lõoke, Karli Luik, Margus Tamm, Helin Kukk, Urmas Lõoke (ULAB), Hele Järv (ULAB)

These three apartment buildings designed by Salto AB are located on the edge of Pirita nature reserve in suburb of Tallinn. The design is outlined according to site’s natural environment, which is surrounded by Pirita river valley landscape. On the one hand, each flat remains nearly as intimate as private residency, while on the other hand, each flat has plenty of natural light. Every flat has a view on the naturally lit courtyard in South as well as on the picturesque old valley in North side of the complex. Furthermore, the buildings have extraordinarily stretching long facades with sharp edges that create exciting wide-lens visual effect.

All three apartment buildings have three wings, that are looking at different directions, set around a central two-floor staircase. The freely flowing flats vary in size between 85 and 170 square metres. The apartment plan is structured with sliding walls to meet different needs of the habitants’ daily lives, by offering both open-plan and very private spatial arrangements. Moreover, each flat has its own terrace or balcony, an underground parking lot, a box-room, and elevator access.

In 2014, the buildings were awarded with an Estonian Annual Concrete Building Award special mention to the courageous client Lauri Tuulberg.

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